My name is Zsolt Balázs Major, I am psychologisst.

My point of view is, that psychology serves to discover and understand better and deeper our (social) environment, does not solve itself the problems, but reveal (sometimes hidden) approaches, possible reframing process. The psychologist "only accompany" those, who accept this kind of help. Does not declare what to do, but shows up how it is possible to solve certain difficulties.

I do work as psychologist nearly for 20 years in several areas - social work, family care, child and youth care, education, medical corps, organizational development, private praxis - by providing wild range of services: single coaching/counseling, leading trainings, developing methods, -systems, teaching, writing manuals, books, etc.

Here, on this webpage, you can read short summaries about the available services.

In case of interesting, do not hesitate to contact me.

Whish you good browse!