Name:                           Zsolt Balázs MAJOR

Place & date of birth:    Hungary, Szeged, 1977. 03. 21.

Phone:                          (36) 30-408-1237


Skype:                          major.zsolt.balazs



Present education:

2015-                            PhD student

Corvinus University of Budapest, PhD in Social Communication
theme: organizational communication in residential child care area

University graduated diploma:

1996-2001                      Psychologist

University of Szeged, Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology –  specialization of  work&organizational psychology, thesis: „Organizational culture – employee satisfaction”

Special skills, knowledge’s:

  • Developing, delivering, organizing and leading trainings in terms of: psychological background of residential care of children - how to apply theories in the daily practice, communication, conflict handling, self-knowledgment, aggressor’s and victim’s treatment, organizational development, leader skills, team-building
  • Support therapeutical -, special-pedagogical processes and professionals in child care area, especially in residential children’s homes: psychological servicing of children&adolescences, every-day’s practice and easy-to-use methods focused & case-based trainings, methodological and system development)
  • Support organizational development’s methods: quality assurance system following the ISO 9001:2009 standard, development of assessment, benchmarking system, other tools (e.g. „360 degree questionnaire”)
  • Knowledge of work & organizational psychology’s research methodology
  • Experience of marketing: organization & delivering several types of programs (conferences, company parties, etc.)
  • Curriculum based development of educational programs
  • Individual and grouped psychological help: in terms e.g. love relationships, life management, child rearing, etc.

Command of language:

  • Hungarian – mother tongue
  • French –  official exam of State of Hungary, intermediate level, “C” type
  • English  – active professional, communicative level


  • Driving License, “B” type
  • Confident user level IT knowledge (Microsoft Office; Prezi; Internet; QDA sofwares: e.g. MAXQDA, Atlas.ti)


2016 sept – presently      “Bokréta” Residential Children’s House’s organizational developer psychologist

  1. sept – presently      Győr-Moson-Sopron County’s Childcare Center – organizational developer psychologist
  • Support of the process of the organizational integration in terms of organizational development, e.g.: create and lead internal trainings for colleagues, develop and coordinate the quality management system, methodological development
  • Lead the work-group of psychologists

2016 sept – 2017 may.    Széchenyi István Universityinvited teacher
lectures: Innovation management, Organizational development, Personality development and communication, developmental training of leadership skills

2015 dec – 2016 aug.      “Bokréta” Residential Children’s House’s deputy-director

  • Coordination of the quality management system, and the methodological development processes (professional and economical administration, control, monitoring)
  • Data and information management (storing, retrieving and analysis)
  • Support of decision making
  • Coordination & development of correctional education processes
  • Support, lead and motivate teams & colleagues

2014 jan – 2015 nov        Economical Support Organization of the Hungarian Capital’s Child Care Service’s – system-development coordinator in projects

  • Developing integrated data management system espacially for residential child care area’s services
  • Optimizing organisational processes
  • Coordinate and support the development process & team

2012 nov – 2014 mar      TÁMOP 6.1.4. Early Childhood Priority Project (Founded by The EU&The Hungarian Government) -
Part-project Team manager

  • Developing methodological Manual-book for professionals working in primary healthcare (doctors, nurses) in terms of caring&communicational skills
  • Developing postgraduate training programs for professionals
  • Recruit\select the members of several developmental teams
  • Lead their work – organize, coordinate and support them

2012 jan – 2013 dec        “Bokréta” Residential Children’s House’s deputy-director

  • Organizational & methodological development (eg. administrative, motivator systems)
  • Coordination & development of correctional education processes
  • Support, lead and motivate teams & colleagues
  • Operative monitoring & control of the everyday work
  • Development of quality assurance system (following the ISO 9001:2009 standard), and work with it

2012 dec. – 2013. jun.        Eötvös Loránd University Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty Of Special Education special teacher (CYC area)

2011 jan – presently        Expert contractor

  • Individual psychological guidance, parental counselling,
  • Organizational development, methodological development of child care,
  • Trainings,
  • School psychology (Huszka Hermina Elementary School, Örkény – 2011-2015),

2006 febr – 2013 jun       University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Behavioral Sciences invited teacher, educational developer

  • Workmanship in Curriculum based development of education and adaptation of it for education of science of psychology
  • Development of methodology able to measure the effectiveness of education of psychology
  • Teaching psychology and medical communication

2005 sept – presently      Humanum Human Services

Developing, delivering, organizing and leading accredited trainings („Armchair or Armrest” – organizational development; „Measure the un-measurable” – quality assurance, „In hard & foreign terrain” – leader skills, „How to change” – change management, “Wolf or victim” – helper methods with aggressive clients)

2010 jul. 2010 dec.      PMJVÖ Esztergár Lajos Family Care&Helper Service (Pécs) psychologist

2004 jun – 2010 jun        Regional Professional Service of Child Care of County Pest,
(several residential children’s houses)

2003 febr. – 2004 may.    Institute of Child Care of Szeged, Special Residential Children’s House for girls - psychologist

2003 apr. – 2004 may.     Regional Professional Service of Child Care of County Csongrád, Special Children’s House for girls  (Hódmezővásárhely) - psychologist

  • Individual & grouped - therapeutically - guidance both for children & adolescences and for colleagues
  • Organizational&methodological development, developing, delivering, organizing and leading trainings, 360 degree assessment-development questionnaire, organizing & delivering conferences, development of assessment-feed-back system for children)

2004 sept. – 2006. jan.    “Treasure House” Civil Network of Elementary Schools project leader

Development of network methodology: trainings, methods of selection of colleagues, AC/DC center

2003 jan.                      Manta Marketing Agency – single project

Developing an interview manual for selection of sales-men

2000 apr. – 2001 dec.       SHL Hungary Personal & Organizational Developer Co. consultant

2002 jan. – 2002 dec.      PDI Hungary Personal & Organizational Developer Co.consultant

HR consultancy (Recruitment/selection, trainings/development: questionnaires, interviews, AC/DC’s, examinations of organizational culture and employee satisfaction

1999-2000                     S&C Store-chain Co. – co-worker

Building up & delivering work psychological researches: examination of fluctuation, “job-tasks photography”, analysis of competitors ,market research

PUBLICATIONs (in Hungarian)

  • Major Zsolt Balázs – Mészáros Katalin – Tatárné Kapus Éva: “Armchair or armrest” - Practice- and tool focused manual of educational methods for foster houses in child care, Zenin, Szeged, 2008. (jointly with Regional Professional Service of Child Care of Pest County), size: B5, range: 420 pages, second edition, (first edition: 2007, Szeged, Forrás Club)
  • Major Zsolt Balázs – Mészáros Katalin – Tatárné Kapus Éva: ”The unbreakable bond -  A Practical Guide for Helpers of Weak Families”, MZSB Logos, Budapest, 2014. (Jointly with PMJVÖ Esztergár Lajos Family Care&Helper Service), size: B5, range: 293 pages, second edition (first edition: 2011)
  • „MINDERS” I-II. Practical guide in medical basic service; TÁMOP-6.1.4/12/1-2012-0001 „Early Childhood (0-7 years) program”, Budapest, 2014
    Vol. 1.: Counselling for the optimal psychomotoric development of children,
    edited by: Major Zsolt Balázs; written by: Hajtó Krisztina, Major Zsolt Balázs, Sósné Pintye Mária, Tóth Anikó
    Vol. 2.: Risk and protective factors in the every day life of families
    edited by: Major Zsolt Balázs and Kereki Judit; written by: Kereki Judit, Szénási Kornélia, Szlovencsák Katalin, Szvatkó Anna, Vajda Zsuzsa
  • Victims and helpers – E-learning, Győr-Moson-Sopron County’s Childcare Center (
  • Major Zsolt Balázs – Mészáros Katalin: "Wolf or Victim" Practical manual guide for pedagogues how to treat and preserve behavioral problems ("Farkas vagy áldozat - gyakorlati kézikönyv pedagógusoknak magatartási problémák kezeléséhez és megelőzéséhez"). Budapest, 2017. Edge2000.


  • Major Zsolt Balázs: Struggle for integrity in residential children’s homes - Professional self-esteem and organizational development – practical experiences from Hungary, IJCYFS (International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies), 2018


2017 may 17-19. 9th International Conference of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Oral panel presentation: „For Them” or „About Them” How Staff Training Focused & Based on Practice Can Contribute to Quality Help for Youth with Problematic Behavior: Bridging Theory and Practice

2016 sept-          University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

                        Preparing for publishing, mutual researching in Child and Youth Care (with prof. James Anglin)

2016 aug 22-25. „Together towards a better world for children, adolescents and families”, 33rd FICE Congress & 2nd CYC World Conference, Vienna, Austria

  • Oral panel presentation: „‘Trees or Forest?’ How Can an ISO based Quality Assurance System Help Meet the Needs of Children in Residential Homes? Practical Results from Hungary
  • Poster: „Sheep in wolf‘s clothing – how trainings focused on practice can contribute to quality in the social professions. bridging theories and practice”

2015 szept-        ZHAW - Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Zürich, Switzerland:

Participating in a Community of practice: „Creating futures – Collaborative Quality Development of Child and Youth Homes in Hungary and Switzerland”

2014-2015         FICE (International Federation of Educative Communities) Serbia, Beograd, Serbia

                        Practical collaboration:

  • qualitative collection of data in terms of sharing best practices
  • mutual study visit


Art of Literature, -theatres, -movies, photography, dance, volley ball